Khaled Al-Rahhal Oil Painting on Board Original Signed Framed Iraqi Artwork 1965

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Artist: Khaled Al-Rahhal (Iraqi, 1926–1987)
Title: Unknown (Painted Image Of Tents And Flags). 1965
Medium: Oil On Board.
Size: Painting Only: 10 x 8 Inches (25.4 x 20.32 cm) 
With Frame: 14 1/2 x 12 1/2 Inches (36.83 x 31.75 cm)
Description: Oil Painting Of Tents And Flags On Panel Board. Signed “Khalid 65” (Lower Right), Executed In 1965. Framed. 
Provenance: This Painting Was The Property Of A Gallery In Chatham, MA. That Closed In The 1980’s. The Previous Owner Purchased The Painting From The Gallery While They Were Still In Business.
Condition: Good. Normal Wear. Framed. 

About: Khalid Al Rahal (1926-1986) was an Iraqi sculptor and one of the leaders of the art movement in Iraq. He received his diploma in sculpting from Baghdad Institute of Fine Arts in 1947 and joined Baghdad’s Group of Modern Art in 1953 in which he had participated in several exhibitions until 1962. Afterwards, he moved to Rome and received a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1964. Although he is trained as a sculptor, Al-Rahal also enjoyed painting and had exhibited several of them.
Al Rahal’s work is influenced by the sculptures of early Mesopotamian civilization, particularly those of Babylon and Assyria, and you can easily notice how the characters in many of his sculptures has that same structure and facial features of those from that period. Having said that, when it comes to the themes of his work he is more influenced by Islamic Art and Arabic Literature more than anything else. They inspire him to create settings that he believed were related to the atmosphere he is trying to create within the viewers thought process.

Khaled Al Rahal was a student of the legendary Iraqi sculptor Jawad Saleem, and he developed a professional yet very emotionally driven attachment to Jawad and his work. One account recalls that on the day of Jawad Saleem’s funeral, Khaled drove on his motorcycle holding a black bag, ran through the massive crowds, uncovered Saleem’s face and started kissing him as he cries his loss. He later removed sculpting clay from that bag and placed it over Saleem’s face, creating a mask that reserves Saleem’s features and returned it to the bag and left.

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